Start a Clinical Sickle Cell Disease Center

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) recently hosted the Sickle Cell Disease Centers Workshop where they introduced the components needed to start a clinical center focused on the needs of those living with sickle cell disease. The workshop included an introduction to the components of such centers, the process for developing a business plan and advocating to stakeholders, the ins and outs of operations, and approaches to measuring impact and improving the quality of care in these centers.

In collaboration with The France Foundation, ASH has developed a series of free 15-minute modules to address clinical practice topics related to Sickle Cell Disease. These modules are intended as tools to aid health care providers in their development toward becoming adult Sickle Cell Disease centers. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit is available for these modules.

Topics include:

  • SCD Center Essentials: Models and Teams
  • Managing Together - The Clinician as Change Agents
  • Working with COmmunity-based Organizations
  • Bias and SCD
  • The Changing Therapeutic Landscape of SCD
  • The Financial Case for SCD Centers
  • Creating an Institutional Approach to Pain

Creating a login to the ASH website is required to access the courses and is free.